Earth Explorer Midi Shoulder Bag NG 2345

Earth Explorer Midi Shoulder Bag NG 2345


کیف رودوشی کوچک

تحت لیسانس NATIONAL GEOGRAPHICآمریکا


The Earth Explorer Midi Shoulder Bag (NG 2345) is an everyday, functional shoulder bag that will hold all your personal gear along with a camera or camcorder. The bag features designated protective zones that safeguard the delicate equipment within.
National Geographic NG 2345 Shoulder Bag Features:
 Designated removable insert provides protection for a midi digital/SLR camera, point-and-shoot camera, or mini DV camcorder and separates your photographic gear from your personal items.
Padded panel can be folded out to reinforce the bag’s bottom.
 Two large front pockets for media accessories and personal items.
Two small external pouches to fit phone and MP3 player.
Rear concealed pocket for storage of documents, etc.
Special connecting loops on the sides of the bag to tie additional gear to the exterior of the bag.
Wide padded shoulder strap.
Roll-away, zipper-sealed flap for ultimate protection.
Quick-snap buckle for easy access to your equipment.
 Made from Hemp an Environmentally Friendly Material.
 All bag fasteners are made from durable brass and punched aluminum.
 Earth Explorer bags are treated for water resistance and include a nylon inner shell for excellent moisture protection.

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  • جنس کتان
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  •     Additional Specifications:
  •      External Dimension:
  •     L24 x W16 x H19 cm (L9.45 x W6.30 x H7.48 in)
  •      Internal Dimension:
  •     L23 x W12 x H17 cm (L9.06 x W4.72 x H6.69 in)
  •      Weight: 0.8 kg/1.76 lbs