Digital Map Maesure/Map meterکرویمتردجیتالی یا منحنی سنج

کالای جدید Digital Map Maesure/Map meterکرویمتردجیتالی یا منحنی سنج



KOIZUMI JAPANکویزومی ژاپن


Measure all kinds of lines quite easily! Most advanced digital curvi-meter (Map-meter). Comcurve-5 (with function of a counter)

This Comcurve-5 is a handy and a compact made instrument capable of taking quick measurements of lines in any form and in any scale. Also it can be used as a counter by switching a shift key.

* All measuring units are available, such as groups of meters (mm, cm, m, km), inches (in, ft, yd, mile) and nautical mile (n. m).
* It performs automatic conversion of any and all scales of lines. It also converts acquired
measurement results into any other units.
* It averages the measurement results by measuring several times to minimize the measuring error.
* It can calculate accumulative measurement values by adding up the number of measurement.
* It is compact, made in pocket size. So it is portable at everywhere.
* It is quite useful for measuring lengths contained in various design drawings and curved lengths of paper patterns in addition to measurements of maps and marine charts

دستگاه کرویمتر دجیتالی یا منحنی سنج
برای اندازه گیری محیط منحنی های میزان جهت تعیین اندازه واقعی بر روی زمین
براساس مقیاس نقشه
دارای واحدهای اندازه گیری  متریک مختلف (mm/, cm,/ m/, km )
حداقل اندازه گیری1 mm
دقت 0/003
دستگاهی پرفشنال برای تمامی گروههای مهندسی و فنی حرفه ای
ساخت ژاپن  اورجینال