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  • Handheld GPS with Navigation Sensors

  1. The GPSMAP 64sx (supersedes the GPSMAP 64s) is the latest compact handheld from Garmin, packed with useful outdoor features. The GPSMAP 64sx has two major additional features compared to the GPSMAP 64x, which is the smart connectivity and the compass and barometric altimeter sensors. This newest iteration adds GLONASS and GALILEO support and is also pre-loaded with Garmin's Topo Active mapping for Australia and New Zealand. With a battery that just keeps going for up to 16 hours even in full GPS mode, this is the companion you need on your next adventure. The GPSMAP 64sx has special profiles for hiking, cycling, geocaching, climbing and more!
  • 3-axis Compass with Barometric Altimeter Get your bearings

  1. GPSMAP 64sx has a built-in 3-axis tilt-compensated electronic compass, which shows your heading even when you're standing still, without holding it level. Its barometric altimeter tracks changes in pressure to pinpoint your precise altitude, and you can even use it to plot barometric pressure over time, which can help you keep an eye on changing weather conditions. The GPSMAP 64sx is waterproof to IPX7 standards so that you can use it in any weather. You can even use it around water without worrying about damage.

  • Wireless Connectivity Via Bluetooth® or ANT+™ With Smart Notifications

  1. Share your waypoints, tracks, routes and geocaches wirelessly with other compatible devices. Your friends can enjoy your favourite hike or cache without waiting for you to plug into your computer —press "send" to transfer your information to another Garmin handheld.GPSMAP 64sx also connects to compatible Garmin devices, including VIRB™, tempe™, foot pod and heart rate monitors.
  2. With Smart Notification you can wirelessly receive email, texts and alerts from your compatible Smartphone. Stay connected without having to dig into your backpack for your smartphone.

  • Routable Streets and Trail Guidance

  1. With Garmin’s TopoActive preloaded on to your device you will be to start exploring as soon as you get it out of the box. The TopoActive map will help guide you on your surroundings even when you’re off the grid. TopoActive shows detailed topographic information including natural features, waterways, buildings and more. You can also locate thousands of POI’s interests on the map data, including restaurants, parks, camps, universities, accommodation and more.

  • Tried and True GPS Technology

  1. The GPSMAP 64sx comes with a quad helix antenna and a high-sensitivity receiver to give you as much coverage as possible. Couple this technology with Garmin’s access to three separate satellite networks (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO) to ensure that the GPS can quickly and precisely find and maintain its location.
  • Birds Eye Satellite Imagery Support

  1. The GPSMAP 64x series of devices also supports BirdsEye Satellite Imagery (subscription required) that lets you load satellite images and integrate them with your maps. This allows you to see waypoints, locations on a satellite image giving more detail and clarity to your maps and tracks.

  • Rugged Lightweight design

  1. The original GPSMAP 64 had a consumer favourite lightweight and rugged design that Garmin has ensured is back with the new 64x series. The 64csx GPS handheld weighs 230g (including batteries) which will help minimise your pack weight where every gram matters. The device itself also comes with 16-hour battery life in GPS Mode to keep you covered on your adventure.
  • Area Mapping

  1. With the GPSMAP 64sx, you can measure an area for farming and other rural and marine applications. Area measurement is simple and fast. Just walk, drive or ride around the perimeter to be measured, press a button, and there you have it. A productive feature for farmers, botanists, agronomists, graziers, oyster and fish culture, salt-works, etc. etc. For farming, agriculture, agronomy, aquaculture and related endeavours, the GPSMAP 64sx measures distances and directions between points, and area measurements. You can also navigate to geotagged photos, making it a versatile GPS
    • Geocaching Paperless

    • The GPSMAP 64x series features paperless geocaching. Upload GPX files straight to your device, and view key information such as location, terrain and hints from
















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ارتباط با ماهواره های GPS/GLONASS and GALILEO
ارتفاع سنج بارومتریک / قطب نمای سه بعدی
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حافظه داخلی 8 گیگ و افزایش حافظه توسط رم
وزن کمتر ( 230 گرم  ) به نسبت مدلMAP64S
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