Shloenbachia شلونباخیا یا شلونباچیا

Shloenbachia شلونباخیا یا شلونباچیا


Schloenbachia Polished AMMONITE Fossil with Open Chambers 7 inches Morocco



Name: Shloenbachia sp (with rock crystal  base
Age: Devonian -350m years ago

Polished Shloenbachia Ammonite
This is a beautiful, polished ammonite specimen collected near Khenifra, Morocco. It's of the genus Shloenbacchia and the inner chambers filled with crystals have been exposed by the polishing. One cool aspect of this piece is the rock still attached to the ammonite fossil has been sculpted to create a natural base for the ammonite to display on. The ammonite itself is 6.4" wide and the entire piece is7" tall.


  • نمونه تیپیک پالیش خورده آمونیت مراکش
  • جنس شلونباخیا
  • سن کرتاسه-110 میلیون سال پیش
  • D:180x160mm
  • پایه آمونیت راک کریستال کوارتز با بلورهای نسبتا درشت
  • ابعاد پایه200X130 mm
  •  دیزاین کمپانی اسپانیا AR